HealthcareeHealth Provides Comments on CMS’ Final Policy & Technical Changes for Medicare Advantage

eHealth, Inc. (Nasdaq: EHTH), a leading private online health insurance marketplace, commented on the final Contract Year 2025 Policy and Technical Changes to the Medicare Advantage Program, released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on April 4, 2024.

The company is currently in the process of reviewing the rule. As there continue to be areas of ambiguity, eHealth will also be communicating with CMS and the company’s carrier partners to obtain the clarity required to assess the rule’s full operational and financial implications.

“We are accustomed to annual regulatory updates from CMS, and eHealth has a strong track record of navigating regulatory complexity in this industry. Obtaining clarification is our priority in the coming days and weeks,” stated eHealth CEO, Fran Soistman.

eHealth will be providing further commentary with respect to the rule and its potential impact on or prior to the company’s first quarter 2024 earnings call which will take place on Tuesday, May 7, 2024.


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