Business BroadcasteClerx Roboworx Wins the Best Proposition for AI, Machine Learning Award

eClerx, a leader in business process management, announced today that its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) product, Roboworx, has been awarded the Best Proposition for AI, Machine Learning at the Data Management Insight Awards USA 2022.

The A-Team Group presented the award on Sept. 22nd at the 12th Annual Data Management Summit in New York. The A-Team Group recognizes leading data management solutions, services, and consultancy providers to the capital markets. The A-Team’s editorial team and Advisory Board determine the winners by considering the depth of involvement in the capital markets, the relevance of a solution or service to a selected award category, and the potential interest of a solution or service to the Data Management Insight community.

“At eClerx, we are excited that Robowork has won the Data Management Insight Awards 2022,” said eClerx Global Head of Technology Sanjay Kukreja. “Roboworx is our leading RPA and Intelligent Automation platform and has been adopted by a number of our clients to deliver intelligent automation in their processes. It is an award-winning platform that has won a number of accolades across the globe for its use cases and adoption.”

Kukreja explained that Roboworx enables organizations to automate routine yet critical business processes without replacing costly legacy systems and architectures.

No coding knowledge is required to implement Roboworx, regardless of industry, process, or required outcomes. Even non-technical staff, Kukreja stressed, can use Roboworx and take advantage of its powerful automation capabilities, unlimited scale, and uninterrupted consistency.

The A-Team Group CEO Angela Wilbraham said, “These awards were voted for by our Data Management Insight community who are seeking to highlight data management solutions that have successfully improved firms’ abilities to manage, control, analyze and gain insight from ever-growing volumes of data across global capital markets. In a highly competitive marketplace, this prestigious award represents an admirable achievement.”


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