NetworkingDispersive Unveils DispersiveCloud with 10G Speed and Capacity

Dispersive, a leading provider of secure networking solutions, today announced a major feature release for its flagship Dispersive Stealth Networking solution. The new DispersiveCloud 10G offering delivers industry-leading performance with support for 10Gbps speeds, empowering organizations to securely connect digital applications and services across any network infrastructure at unprecedented scale. High bandwidth solutions, such as high-speed internet connections or networks with large data throughput, are often targeted by cyber attackers due to their high potential for accessing valuable or sensitive information.

Dispersive’s patented technology dynamically splits session-level IP traffic at the edge device into smaller, independent, and individually encrypted packet streams. These streams travel across multiple channels in the cloud and converge at the destination to deliver enhanced security, reliability, and performance with minimal operations effort. With the addition of 10G support in DispersiveCloud, customers can now leverage this revolutionary approach to secure networking for even the most demanding, high-bandwidth use cases where risk is the highest.

“The launch of the 10G offering for DispersiveCloud marks a massive milestone for our company and our customers,” said Rajiv Pimplaskar, CEO of Dispersive. “As organizations continue to digitally transform and embrace cloud-native architectures, the need to secure, high-performance, large-scale networking has never been greater. DispersiveCloud delivers what few can with a 10G appliance that secures and optimizes networking infrastructure with virtually no IT installation burden.”

Large-scale architectures, especially cloud-based ones, demand decentralized and inherently secure solutions, which can be costly and challenging to achieve with traditional SD-WAN or similar architectures. As organizations are driven to innovate across critical sectors such as Communications, Infrastructure and Transport, Dispersive’s cutting-edge 10G solutions empower these organizations to seamlessly connect their data centers and users across the globe without the need to invest in legacy technology or deploy multiple point products. By leveraging Dispersive’s advanced technology, companies can achieve operational efficiencies, enhance resilience, and remain true to their overarching sustainability mission. DispersiveCloud is a game-changer for such organizations, delivering the performance, security, and scalability they need to thrive in the digital era.

DispersiveCloud is ideal for service providers and large enterprises looking to transform their network security without compromising on performance or reliability. With the addition of 10G support, Dispersive can deliver its proven plug-and-play solution in the form of a true physical appliance that IT can deploy in a matter of hours or minutes, even in the highest throughput datacenters or cloud interconnects.


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