Blockchain TechnologyDeepcoin Labs Will Be Sponsoring Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024

Deepcoin Labs, the pioneering venture capital firm specializing in blockchain, crypto assets, and cryptocurrencies, is poised to make a significant impact at the upcoming Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024. As a key player in the venture capital space as well as a platinum sponsor this year for the annual Hong Kong event, Deepcoin Labs is dedicated to propelling innovation, nurturing growth, and facilitating collaboration within the Web3 industry with a particular focus on blockchain, crypto assets, and cryptocurrencies.

Registered in Dubai, Deepcoin Labs boasts a robust portfolio of early-stage investments, fueled by a mission to shape the future of the Web3 landscape worldwide. Along with the recent establishment of a $100 million fund, Deepcoin Labs is primed to serve as a catalyst for industry innovation, providing essential resources to promising projects and startups.

The annual Hong Kong Web3 Festival stands as a cornerstone event for the global Web3 industry, drawing together an unparalleled gathering of visionaries, innovators, and investors. The event will be held at the Kong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre within Hall3FG from April 6th to April 9th. Attendees are invited to drop by at the Deepcoin Labs booth at E08 for more information on potential collaborations and business opportunities.

“At Deepcoin Labs, we are deeply committed to fostering innovation and growth within the Web3 industry,” remarked Ego, Founder & CEO of Deepcoin. “The registration of Deepcoin Labs marks a significant milestone in our journey, enabling us to further support and empower entrepreneurs and startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 provides an ideal platform for us to connect with fellow innovators, showcase our initiatives, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the crypto asset landscape.”

Deepcoin Labs also aims to bridge the gap between mentorship and funding through incubation programs, leveraging its technical expertise to support startups in both Asian, MENA and overseas markets. By working closely with portfolio companies, Deepcoin Labs endeavors to build exceptional value within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, driving long-term sustainable growth.

Having a focus on responsible and regulated operations, Deepcoin Labs is now actively seeking innovative Web3 projects on a global scale. Projects interested should contact Deepcoin Labs via email for inquiries.


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