Artificial IntelligenceDataShapes AI to Participate in Cyber Quest 2024

DataShapes AI, the developer of cutting-edge AI solutions targeting the electromagnetic spectrum, today announced its participation in Cyber Quest 2024.

Military planners will use Cyber Quest 24 results to inform capability development requirements for Multi-Domain Operations and preparation for the Army of 2040. At Cyber Quest 2024, DataShapes AI will be showcasing GlobalEdge, its state-of-the-art spectrum intelligence AI that—in real time—turns RF signals into actionable information to enhance the capabilities of modern military operations.

A Different AI for the Electromagnetic Spectrum

DataShapes AI brings a novel approach to AI with its GlobalEdge™ suite of hardware-agnostic, software-only solutions that provide “up to the instant” signal intelligence and immediate situational awareness to those who need it—whether it’s embedded on man-wearable devices, satellites, and EW systems; delivering a common operating picture of the battlefield; or providing deep analysis at the command center.

Cyber Quest 24 is an annual data-centric experiment held at Fort Eisenhower, GA, hosted by the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and the Army Futures Command Cyber Battle Laboratory. The event brings together soldiers from Army Cyber Command, Army Forces Command and Army Futures Command, to assess new technologies against documented Cyberspace, Electronic Warfare (EW), Information Advantage and Signal operational requirements.


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