Artificial IntelligenceCytoReason and Summit Pharmaceuticals International Announce the Introduction of an AI Platform to One of Japan’s Top Pharmaceutical Companies

CytoReason, an AI company developing computational disease models for discovery and clinical drug development, and Summit Pharmaceuticals International (SPI), a Japanese company providing service and products to the pharmaceutical industry (wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation), today announced that CytoReason has entered the Japanese market, with its technology being utilized by one of Japan’s top pharmaceutical companies.

CytoReason’s AI platform will use its disease model, along with clinical data from the Japanese pharmaceutical company, to help it gain a better understanding of how its drug behaves on a molecular level, relative to similar drugs on the market.

This is the first-ever announced collaboration between an Israeli company and a Japanese pharmaceutical company to bring AI to clinical drug development. The collaboration will explore the relationship between disease mechanisms and drug MoA in order to increase the drug’s valuation in immunology. It is especially impactful as Japan has the third largest pharmaceutical market in the world.

CytoReason helps pharma and biotech companies accelerate drug discovery and development with the use of its cell-centered computational models and proprietary data. The company’s technology enables scientists to gather critical information on the body’s immune functioning, which ultimately speeds up the scientific process and brings life-saving drugs to market faster and at a reduced cost. R&D using AI technology is becoming essential in the pharmaceutical field and the industry has taken keen interest in CytoReason’s technology. Sumitomo Corporation group facilitates digital transformation in various industries, and SPI intends to further support data-driven drug discovery and clinical development by CytoReason’s proprietary AI/machine learning platform.

“We’re thrilled to enter the Japanese market with such an important player in the country’s pharmaceutical industry,” said David Harel, CEO and Co-founder of CytoReason. “This collaboration represents a meaningful step forward for our company and for the global pharmaceutical industry.”

“We are very delighted that CytoReason initiated a project in the Japanese market,” said Katsuya Okuyama, President & CEO of SPI. “We will continue to contribute to the healthcare industry through the collaboration with CytoReason.”



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