SecurityCyber insurtech BOXX partners with Zurich Insurance Group in Switzerland to introduce breakthrough personal cyber product

Award-winning global Insurtech BOXX Insurance Inc. that combines cyber insurance and security has announced the launch of a cutting-edge cyber risk solution in collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group in Switzerland, providing digital protection for individuals and families.

Recognizing the critical need for comprehensive protection against digital threats Zurich Insurance in Switzerland has partnered with technology partner BOXX Insurance to develop a user-friendly solution designed to help individuals and families better predict and prevent potential scams and digital threats.

Designed for simplicity, the app’s personalized experience puts users’ digital safety front and centre, featuring an easy-to-use interface designed by Zurich Insurance in Switzerland and developed by BOXX in close collaboration with Zurich. The App is now available in Switzerland offering support in English, German, French and Italian.

“We created this to give individuals and families what they want – an app that delivers an essential bundle of tools at users fingertips including access to experts in the event of a cyber emergency,” explained Vishal Kundi, CEO and Founder, BOXX Insurance. “Smartphones have become the fastest-selling gadgets in history. They have penetrated every aspect of daily life. The average person picks their phone up to 100 times a day so if we want to make their world a digitally safer place, we have to ensure their phone and their usage is better secured,” Kundi added.

“An extensive research conducted by Zurich Insurance in Switzerland showed that many are not aware of online dangers and that around a quarter have already been victims of a cyber-attack. In addition, customers are simply overwhelmed with the range of cyber products,” says René Harlacher, Chief Underwriting Officer of Zurich Insurance in Switzerland. “At Zurich, it’s our mission to go beyond mere protection, and also offer our customers tools to help them build resilience and implement preventative measures against cyber risks. Based on these facts, we are expanding our cyber offering for private individuals so that we can provide them with support before, during and after a possible cyber-attack. This is exactly where our joint offering with BOXX Insurance comes in, as a way to lend additional support to our customers,” he adds.

The newly launched solution by Zurich Insurance in Switzerland focuses on providing essential services to help prevent digital threats combined with emergency assistance and support in case of an emergency. Delivered to end customers by Zurich, key features include:

  • Identity Protection: Identifies if personal data captured in the app shows up on the dark web and notifies users, providing help and advice to reduce threats of identity theft.
  • Secure VPN: By creating a secure and encrypted internet connection the VPN protects data from potential threats such as hacking, identity theft, and phishing attacks.
  • Secure WiFi: Scans WiFi networks for threats and helps proactively detect security issues.
  • Safe Browsing: Warns against harmful websites and links to protect privacy and personal data.
  • Device Protection: Checks and improves the security settings of devices. Devices with the Android operating system are additionally protected against viruses and malware.
  • Password Manager: Creates and manages strong passwords and assists with their use.
  • Edutainment: Educational content in an entertaining way to raise awareness of personal cyber security.
  • Emergency Support and Assistance: Help and assistance from cyber security experts to provide support in cyber emergencies and for many other IT-related problems.

The new offering is available here:

“From providing protection from the dangers of being connected at home and on the go, customers now have the means to keep their devices and data secure and have access to indispensable help in an emergency, all in one easy-to-use app,” Kundi added.

Zurich has been working with BOXX since 2021 and participated in BOXX’s Series A and Series B funding rounds. As a Zurich Global Ventures portfolio company, BOXX is proud to now extend the ongoing collaboration with Zurich to enable Swiss customers to be digitally safer.


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