HealthcareCurve Health Propels Healthcare Innovation with Recent Expansion Surge

Curve Health, a leading innovator in SNF healthcare technology, proudly announces significant recent advancements in its mission to optimize and improve patient care delivery. Emphasizing collaboration and innovation, Curve Health continues to elevate the standard of care through expanded technology capabilities, strategic provider partnerships, advanced data insights, and seamless device integrations. Explore the latest milestones achieved by the company.

Expanded Technology Capabilities — Curve Health has significantly improved technology performance and security with a full-cloud solution, ensuring enhanced efficiency, reliability, and data security standards. Achieving seamless interoperability, the platform enables smooth connectivity across multiple EHRs, facilitating secure comprehensive patient information access. Moreover, it has expanded its capabilities to include a broader range of specialty care services, such as behavioral health and telepsychiatry. With these capabilities, access to behavioral health specialists is provided through integrated telecommunication technologies, delivering comprehensive mental health support.

Regional Provider Partnership Expansion — In a strategic move towards a more expansive and diverse network, Curve Health has continued to establish key partnerships with leading provider organizations. These collaborations foster a dynamic ecosystem of remote care delivery, enriching patient outcomes through collaborative expertise and resources. Notably, these partnerships now cover multiple regions across the country, ensuring widespread access to quality care to augment existing local provider relationships. See the most recent partnership announcement with MindCare Solutions.

Advanced Data Insights and Reporting — Central to Curve Health’s mission is empowering healthcare providers with actionable insights and tailored data. Through robust data curation and analysis capabilities, Curve Health delivers comprehensive, customized reports that highlight trends, identify improvement opportunities, and help to optimize care delivery strategies. Early results from Insight reports, such as SNF fall prevention, show a remarkable reduction in falls by up to 66% over just a few months. Additionally, these insights expedite proactive clinical care in SNF settings and help to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. Analytics provided on psychotropic medication use have also demonstrated a measurable decrease in patients consuming unnecessary medications.

Innovative Device Integrations — Curve Health remains at the forefront of technology integration, seamlessly integrating multiple medical devices like wearables and remote physiologic monitoring into existing healthcare workflows. While recent efforts have focused specifically on these types of monitoring devices, it paves the way for future integrations across additional and diverse healthcare technologies. These integrations streamline data gathering processes, enhance patient communication and engagement, and empower healthcare providers with real-time data for informed decision-making.

“Curve Health is dedicated to driving meaningful change in healthcare delivery, and our recent achievements underscore our commitment to innovation and collaboration,” said Matthew Michela, CEO of Curve Health. “By expanding our provider network, integrating cutting-edge technologies, harnessing data insights, and broadening telehealth capabilities, we are transforming the landscape of post-acute resident care.”

Join Curve Health in revolutionizing SNF care. Explore Curve Health’s cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and provider partnership opportunities to enhance patient care delivery.


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