CloudCrook County, Oregon, Goes Live with OpenGov Budgeting & Planning

Crook County, OR, has successfully gone live on OpenGov Budgeting & Planning. The County is now using OpenGov to build and share its budget, and manage workforce planning and forecasting. Additionally, residents can now explore and interact with the budget via the County’s transparency portal powered by OpenGov. Click HERE to access it.

Prior to partnering with OpenGov, Crook County relied upon numerous spreadsheets to manage its budgeting and planning process. Led by a small but mighty team, the County made the decision to take command of the budget process and outcomes by automating the process. That’s when Crook County turned to OpenGov Budgeting & Planning to provide its limited staff the necessary resources to complete the budget process efficiently and effectively.

“OpenGov has proven it is possible to simplify the budget process through modernization.  OpenGov offers the tools necessary to streamline the work and allows time to develop and construct an integrated budget that can easily be maintained and shared with employees and residents,” explains Brian Barney, County Commissioner.

“This year’s budget process was the best process we’ve had since I became a commissioner four years ago.  Department heads really appreciated the new format and process as much as I did.  We had a very good Finance team that took the time to work with everyone so they understood how to use the software,” describes Jerry Brummer, County Commissioner.

With the implementation of OpenGov Budgeting & Planning, Crook County enables a variety of capabilities to modernize its budgeting and planning processes, including

  • Reviewing, versioning and approving department budget proposals from a single portal;
  • Building a printed and online budget book faster, while preserving institutional knowledge with access to historical records;
  • Simplifying and streamlining workforce planning with employee calculation costs and integrated budget planning;
  • Providing residents with critical budget information.

“We are thrilled to bring a modern budgeting solution to Crook County and look forward to working in close partnership to help the County meet its budgeting and planning needs,” said OpenGov Regional Sales Manager Greg Balter.

OpenGov will serve Crook County with technology that streamlines the budgeting process, allowing for enterprise-level resource planning. The County joins more than 1,000 public sector organizations leveraging OpenGov to revolutionize work processes with cloud software designed specifically for the needs of government.


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