HealthcareCompliancy Group Releases Healthcare Learning Management System

Compliancy Group released a comprehensive learning management system, adding an extensive training course library to its healthcare compliance software platform.

Several advancements have been made in how training is administered, providing clients the flexibility to complete training in various formats. Course material was specifically built to ensure individuals are actively engaged and empowered to protect patients and their organizations. Administrators get access to advanced reporting tools to track their team’s progress and their organization’s overall compliance and cybersecurity readiness levels.

What’s New:

  • 90+ courses covering healthcare regulatory compliance and cybersecurity
  • Continuing education credits for 45 courses including HIPAA, OSHA, FWA, Cybersecurity, and Clinical
  • Certifications for advanced and leadership courses
  • Courses offered as an audiobook, text, or video to adapt to different learning styles and for accessibility
  • Unique employee profiles, progress tracking, and advanced course assignments
  • Self-paced complete learning paths and role-specific training
  • Videos, interactive elements, and quizzes keep employees engaged
  • Automated reports highlight strengths and weaknesses

“Effective training is essential for workforce compliance and cyber safety. We worked diligently with compliance and cybersecurity experts to ensure that our new training follows industry best practices, is practical, and easy to use. With the addition of courses that cover several areas of compliance and security, our clients will receive the in-depth training they need to effectively protect patients and their businesses. We’ll continue to add new courses to our training catalog to keep up with regulatory changes and security threats facing the healthcare industry, and customer needs,” Craig Baldassare, VP of Product, Compliancy Group.


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