Artificial IntelligenceCloud Revolute Unveils ImmiGPT: A Generative AI for Immigration and Travel

Cloud Revolute, a trailblazer in innovative technology solutions, proudly announces the launch of ImmiGPT, a specialised AI assistant with high precision in Immigration and International Travel, Surpassing Generic AI with domain expertise and benchmark excellence. It offers you an all-in-one solution to Explore, Migrate and Thrive!

Cloud Revolute ( is a Cloud Data Engineering service and product-based company with a strong focus on AI and technology. It helps businesses transform data into insights, driving innovation and aims to solve digital challenges, making it a preferred partner for enterprises looking to thrive in the digital era.

A recent survey conducted by Cloud Revolute in 2023 highlights a 30% rise in international student mobility and increased global travel, with 1.3 billion international arrivals post covid era. This boost in global mobility highlights the need for specialized solutions to tackle immigration and travel complexities. Cloud Revolute launched ImmiGPT, an AI-driven platform to meet this demand, offering a smart, efficient way to navigate these challenges.

“Pioneering in the AI assistant space, ImmiGPT is our answer to the increasingly complex world of immigration and travel,” states Pinto Walia, CEO of Cloud Revolute. “By merging cutting-edge AI with deep market insights, we ensure ImmiGPT stands as an indispensable resource for anyone navigating international borders.”

ImmiGPT’s Underlying Magic- ImmiGPT combines advanced AI with immigration expertise, offering accuracy and personalized, empathetic assistance. Its base is a large language model (LLM) akin to ChatGPT-3.5, enhanced with 3-trillion tokens of data focused on law, immigration, and documentation for precision and relevance. A reasoning layer and continuous updates increase its reliability and keep it current with regulations, ensuring its long-term value.

Competitive Edge- ImmiGPT sets itself apart with its cutting-edge technology, providing cost-effective, faster and streamlined results that reduce the need for external consultants/agencies. It offers personalized support tailored to individual immigration needs, through its combination of innovation, speed, and customized service.

Use Cases– ImmiGPT offers targeted support across diverse groups, offering students with advice for international study, tailored to the latest immigration policies, assisting attorneys with drafting legal documents, simplifying visa processes for individuals and families moving internationally, and supporting corporate paralegals with immigration documentation. It’s a comprehensive solution for diverse immigration and travel requirements.

Join ImmiGPT ( in revolutionising your journey with cutting-edge AI technology, providing instant responses to your Immigration and Travel concerns!


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