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A program that is manufactured for customer engagement with customers automatically with received messages is called chatbots because of its capabilities to respond the same way each time, respond differently to messages containing certain keywords and even use machine learning to adapt their responses to fit the situation. Leveraging the chat mediums such as SMS text, website chat windows and social messaging on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc chatbots come in all forms. There are some business bots for customer satisfaction and stats suggest that 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses monthly through Facebook business chatbots. Messages are preferred more than customer call service by 56% of people and 53% of people shop from the businesses with whom they connect through messages.

The chatbot’s utilization has turned on the momentum’s speed in the last few years. The Google trends insights display that the chatbots have grown search volume up to 19x as individuals and businesses began to realize their value.


Cases in which Chatbots can be used-

The 2018 State of Chatbots Report predicted cases to use of chatbots for

  • 37% time it is to get quick responses in an emergency
  • 35% for resolving complaints or issues
  • 35% for the detailed description
  • 34% to find human customer service assistant
  • 33% of reservations such as restaurants, hotels
  • 29% for paying bills such as phones, electricity, etc
  • 27% for basic items purchasing
  • 22% for adding newsletter services to the mailing list
  • 18% for communication with multiple brands using one program
  • 13% for expensive buying

These data display the urgency of leveraging chatbots into the business streamline for customer communications, success, and sales as it works great for both- business and the buyers.


4 Ways Chatbots Will Impact B2B Marketing Long Term

The technologies growth is pushing our imagination turning sci-fi ideas into realities. The chatbots have driven business with new chat models. B2b brands have adopted popular technologies which are chatbots that perform as a service working with rules and artificial intelligence making customers free to interact via the chat interface.


Chatbots’ impact on B2B marketing
  • Bots are making Facebook more relevant for B2B

At the 2016 Facebook conference, it announced that chatbots would be the additional feature added to the Facebook messenger that as a result opened doors for developers to create their bots within the app. After 6 months after the announcement, 30,000+ bots were established and are used by the B2B professionals as per the ComScore research.

The Vice President of Facebook’s Messaging products said at the F8 conference If you direct your existing or future customers to Messenger instead of directing them to a mobile web page or an app, you will see lift if you build the right experience.”

The chatbots features are getting into B2B marketing has brought the industry to another level.

  • Bots can speed up the B2B sales and marketing process

Adding chatbots to your business strategies would be the first person that a lead is communicating with. The B2B buying process for the new CRM software hunt comprises-

  1. Awareness about the issues and discuss them with the person who has used CRM tools would also enhance the better relationship between the interacting people.
  2. Search for the top CRM software-related solutions
  3. The solution browsing would give you thousands of content highlighting different options.
  4. Till now you would be clear on whether to get a CRM subscription
  5. You have to dig out the guides to be clear about what CRM software you should opt in.
  6. The email catches your attention and you decide to schedule a call.
  7. On-call, the pitch would be done about this CRM is the best remedy for your problems and you sign up.

The whole selling process would leave enough space for the chatbots to make an impact on the interest stage, leveraging the chatbots on any landing page to facilitate a faster sales cycle.

The landing page courier expertise is pretty straightforward:

  1. Users square measure met with a decision to action telling them to attach via courier.
  2. The Chatbot will raise the user questions about their desires.
  3. The larva then will deliver info on completely different products & services.
  4. The larva will manage monetary dealings.
  5. Instead of navigating to the website, finding out the product, you would like, then surfing the native getting method, chatbots build it straightforward to travel through the shopping for method while not rebuking one human.

A few ways in which bots will facilitate shutting an acquisition in B2B include-

1. Lead Qualification

If you raise the correct queries, you’ll gain valuable insight into the one who is visiting your website, wanting into your product, and inquisitive about chatting.

2. Schedule Meetings

Some bots will set on to your sales groups based on help trace, of calendars and give you the power to schedule conferences on your behalf.

3. Lead Nurturing

Need to nurture a relationship with a lead? Get access to their courier inbox and it’ll open a brand new chance to induce up-to-date. It’s reasonably like email…


The email automation is doing great to fill the sales funnel in B2B as spreading the content through email drums up interests carrying potential lead to opt-in and forward it to the sales funnel but generating demands and lead experience could be better with chatbots as it gives humanly touch to the customers delivering better and more results.

Both emails and chatbots are effective marketing tools but chatbots are driven by artificial intelligence making the conversation twice as fast without so much navigation and click-throughs. Chatbots work quicker and are more efficient with the human touch for qualifying leads into the sales funnel navigating them to purchase, then giving them their receipt without leaving the current window.


  • The efficiency of customer support increased by bots

The intelligent business buyer would always have the curiosity to know more about your services so that they can be clear about whether to invest in your service or not. Its potential of saving businesses could spect the capability of chatbots-$23billion in customer service representatives and another $15 billion in sales representatives, which adds up to $38 billion in savings. Setting chatbots into your conversational selling strategy would serve both the customer support conversations from start to end, acknowledging each response it gets and reacting accordingly 24*7.

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