Artificial IntelligenceInternet of Things (IoT)BusPas Inc. Wins at Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility: Revolutionizing Urban Transit with AI-Powered Bus Stops

BusPas, Inc. a trailblazer in mobility solutions and connected IoT infrastructure at solar-powered bus stops, is proud to announce its victory at the Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility competition. BusPas Inc. was awarded a year-long pilot of its technology and will be installing its AI-Powered solution at bus stops and shelters in Barcelona, Spain.

The Barcelona Smart City Competition celebrates innovation and excellence in urban mobility. The winning solution enhances urban furniture (including bus stops) with data receptors and becomes a data hub and a foundation for Barcelona’s vision of a Smart City. The infrastructure is equipped with edge-processed computer vision, real-time passenger information, video and audio, and safety features that improve the transit experience.

“It’s an honor to partner with Transit Metropolitain of Barcelona and the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità de Barcelona to implement a groundbreaking project focusing on bus lane and bus stop violation, security enhancements and improved passenger information. This strategic partnership will bring state-of-the-art AI-integrated solutions to Barcelona’s bus stops,” said Youval Abenhaim, CEO of BusPas Inc.

As BusPas’ first European engagement, winning the Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility competition is a major milestone for the Montréal-based innovator. Additionally, a San Francisco-based company, Hayden AI, was also selected for the same competition. This achievement follows BusPas’ recent success in the New York Transit Tech Lab, where it was selected from over 130 organizations for a project with New Jersey Transit.

BusPas Inc. employs a comprehensive approach to urban mobility, with a solar-powered option to ensure its systems are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. The company’s innovative solutions have also been shown to reduce bus delays, improve safety and enhance the overall passenger experience. By providing real-time travel information, BusPas helps passengers make more informed decisions.


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