CloudBringg Recognized Among Fulfillment Analytics Vendors, Noted for High Business Value According to Independent Research Firm

Bringg, the leading delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider, announced today that it has been included in “The Forrester Tech Tide™: AI For Retail, Q2 2021.” This report examines the maturity of an ecosystem of technologies and helps retail clients make decisions about which technologies to invest in and when.

Bringg was included in the Invest category, which Forrester defines as technologies that are characterized by, “low maturity and high business value. These technologies have ripened to the point where enterprises can confidently invest.”

Fulfillment analytics is an incredibly important element of the last mile, especially as customer behaviors have shifted immensely toward ecommerce purchases. According to Bringg’s 2021 Bringg Barometer: State of Retail Delivery and Fulfillment, retailers and brands have recognized the need to continually invest in fulfillment capabilities and adjust current capabilities. However, less than half of the retailers surveyed work with a technology vendor to streamline operations.

By implementing an intelligent solution like Bringg, retailers can utilize AI and machine learning, data analytics, and BI to launch, scale, and optimize the right delivery and fulfillment models to increase customer satisfaction while maintaining brand quality. The efficiency in these predictive resources provides a cost-effective, sustainable model for retailers that optimizes routes and resources, automates logistics scheduling, models delivery flow, accurately predicts timing, and helps forecast delivery demand.

“We believe our inclusion in the Invest category in this Forrester Tech Tide underscores that Bringg is a high quality solution for retailers looking to leverage AI to optimize last mile operations,” said Guy Bloch, CEO at Bringg. “Now more than ever, it is incredibly important for retailers to implement efficient, cost-effective last mile operations, and confirm that these operations are scaling to the point necessary for success. By utilizing AI capabilities to ensure fulfillment and delivery operations are not only streamlined, but sustainable, retailers will have a key point of differentiation against competitors. We look forward to continuing to offer best-in-class solutions and upholding our dedication to innovating the last mile.”


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