Sales & MarketingBonnie&Clyde – China’s leading luxury multi-brand beauty retailer expands coverage across China’s luxury destinations

Bonnie&Clyde, China’s leading online and offline luxury beauty and lifestyle retailer owned by USHOPAL Group, has released their 2021 results, reinforcing their market leading position in the luxury retail sector.

In 2021, expanding to six stores across top tier malls, Bonnie&Clyde’s average ticket value exceeded 8000 RMB, as luxury consumers sought out the luxe experiential shopping that is the hallmark of Bonnie&Clyde.

Bonnie&Clyde also introduced to the China market several high value global brands including SUQQU, Natura Bissé, and Zaha Hadid Design, among others.

Galvanized by their strong growth, in 2022, Bonnie&Clyde will double their retail presence to twelve locations, covering all the top luxury malls in East, Central, West and South China. New locations include the top luxury malls from Chengdu IFS, Changsha IFS, and Nanjing Deji. In addition, a partnership with China’s largest duty-free group, CDF, to further expand in the travel retail sector in BeijingShanghaiShenZhen, and Hainan.

In 2022, “We anticipate YoY growth in excess of 70% as we ramp up stores, digital communities, and increase assortment with clean, sustainable brands and partners. Also, consumer enhanced loyalty programs and in-store services, and improved last mile delivery experience. BC’s commitment to ongoing enhancements to our renowned luxe shopping experience to continue to serve our avid gen Z and millennial shoppers who depend on Bonnie&Clyde for the ultimate curated beauty shopping experience,” said CEO of Bonnie&Clyde, William Lau.

Company: Bonnie&Clyde is China’s leading luxury beauty and lifestyle multi-brand retailer. Located in top tier department stores across China, they work with brands exclusively sold globally at high-end retailers such as Harrods, Le Bon Marché, and Bergdorf Goodman. Bonnie&Clyde is owned by USHOPAL Group, a market leading luxury brand management group based out of Shanghai. They partner and invest in the next generation of global luxury brands in the beauty and wellness space, successfully scaling Chantecaille, SUQQU, Natura Bissé, and Anastasia Beverly Hills, and investing in market leading global brands including Juliette Has A Gun, Argentum Apothecary, and Bulk Homme, Japan among others.


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