Artificial IntelligenceBlue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Announces Corporate Refocus into AI Financial Services

Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: BHAT) announced its shift into AI financial services. Dr. Deanna Liu, Executive Director of Golden Strategy Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BHAT, stated that this strategy is a proactive response to the growth in Artificial Intelligence technology and the evolving market dynamics.

BHAT’s strategic shift is not merely a pursuit of new technology but is based on an understanding of the trends in AI technology development, and also the full utilization of BHAT’s market resources and technological migration capabilities. Dr. Deanna Liu stated, “We believe that the development of AI technology can be divided into three stages: infrastructure construction, the potential for revenue increase, and productivity enhancement. Since 2023, BHAT has undergone comprehensive restructuring, with AI finance being the new focus, responding to the tremendous change brought about by AI in the financial sector.”

There has been great interest from financial enterprises regarding AI technology applications and BHAT’s ability to transition to AI financial services and what that will do for their bottom line. Dr. Liu added “AI applications in the financial services sector are very diverse. I will mention two cases in point from our partner GTC Group LLC., a Dubai based brokerage firm, to show the dramatic transformation in the financial industry. The first case is that the high-performance traders in GTC need a platform to amplify their profitability. If we identify these consistently profitable traders through data analysis and guide them to collaborate with opinion leaders or other communities, it will achieve a mutual benefit situation among KOLs, investors, traders and the platform. According to our projections, such ‘follow-the-leader and get-paid’ can add more than $10 billion in monthly transactions to the platform.” Dr. Liu continued, “The second case is to address the fact that GTC’s tradable contracts include a very complexed mix of precious metals, foreign exchange, stock indices, etc., where there is an urgent need to closely monitor buying and selling pressure and participate in a ‘smart’ market maker trading system.”

Dr. Liu further stated that the future of AI technology in the financial field will greatly impact our lives. From individual investors to institutions, AI will help people manage risks more effectively and improve the accuracy of decision-making. Dr. Liu emphasized, “We have always believed that AI should not be pursued solely for the sake of chasing high technology. Only by integrating AI with real-world scenarios can its effectiveness be fully realized. Both myself and BHAT hope to become leading promoters of this change.”

This shift by Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. marks its deepening commitment to the field of AI technology applications and its belief in future development that will open up tremendous opportunities.


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