CloudbloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform: The Future Of Mobility

bloXmove makes decentralized mobility possible. In today’s fragmented and complex mobility industry, both consumers and providers face daily challenges. Whether it is juggling multiple apps on the consumer side or managing target groups on the supplier side. Our vision at bloXmove is to make traveling more provider as well as customer friendly by forming an alliance in which mobility providers work collaboratively. The company wants to enable operators to offer their users a seamless journey including different means of mobility with just one ticket.

bloXmove’s Mobility Blockchain Platform offers the technical solution for building such an underlying network. Our highly specialized distributed ledger technology combined with decentralized identities (DID) offers mobility service providers a fully automated integrated infrastructure for all transactions: from identifying customers, to concluding contracts and balancing bookings with the various partners. All of this secure, transparent and in real-time.

The technical solution – based on Ethereum, Corda and digital identities – is unique and has been developed in a test environment together with Daimler Mobility AG and a strong collective of highly specialized experts like 51nodes, Spherity, Riddle&Code.

The advantages of the decentralized bloXmove solution are obvious: together, small as well as large providers can offer “urban mobility” to their customers in an ecosystem with each other’s asset groups. No one is aggregated, no one loses their customer interface. Even better, through the automation, standardization and integration that the Mobility Blockchain Platform enables in the background, each provider can focus more on their valuable customer relationships.

Collaboration in a decentralized way – that’s the future of mobility.

SOURCE bloXmove


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