Artificial IntelligenceBitrue Ventures Report: AI x Blockchain — Pioneering the Next Moonshot

Following their debut earlier last week, the newly launched investment wing of Bitrue, Bitrue Ventures, has released its first in-house report on emerging market opportunities within the blockchain space. The full report, “AI and Crypto: A Powerful Convergence Shaping the Future of the Internet”, has been made available for all to view here.

This 12-page report identifies several untapped synergies that the AI and blockchain industries have available to them to help both grow and details the expected verticals that can benefit from these collaborations and the companies that are already working to make them a reality. Pulling from a variety of primary sources and data analysis, it concludes that “AI x Crypto” is likely to be one of the significant narratives in the upcoming crypto bull run.

“AI has made a huge splash in the media within the past year, drawing public attention back to emerging technologies and how they will reshape our world, particularly in efficiency and transparency,” said Iris Chu, Director of Ventures and Partnerships. “This new report, the first of many that will be coming from Bitrue Ventures, helps everybody working in the cryptocurrency space understand how this attention will help blockchain grow, and how investors can leverage this information to create more potent, forward-thinking investment portfolios.”

Bitrue Ventures is a newly launched division of the Bitrue exchange focused on identifying young crypto startups worthy of investment. They can provide these companies with a range of services to help them bring products to fruition, including investment capital, marketing expertise, industry networking opportunities, and more. In turn, Bitrue can ensure that it is always able to position itself at the forefront of market trends, and can provide its users with high-potential token investment opportunities before any other exchange.


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