Blockchain TechnologyBitrue Expands Support for XRP with 8 New XRP Trading Pairs

In a move driven by user feedback, Bitrue, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, announces the introduction of several new trading pairs for XRP.

Responding to User Demand

Following a recent community feedback initiative, Bitrue actively sought user input on desired XRP pairings. This user-centric approach ensures the platform caters to the evolving needs of its diverse user base. As a result of this initiative, from March 18, 2024 onwards, users will benefit from a wider selection of XRP trading pairs, including:

  • OP/XRP

This expansion provides users with greater flexibility and deeper liquidity within the XRP ecosystem.

Celebrating New Pairings with Fee-Free Trading

To commemorate the launch of these new XRP pairings, Bitrue is hosting a special trading event. The event runs from March 19, 202410:00 UTC to March 26, 202410:00 UTC. During this period, users can enjoy zero transaction fees when trading the newly listed XRP pairs.

The total prize pool for the event is dynamic and scales based on user participation. With a maximum potential of $50,000 USDT, the prize pool incentivizes user engagement. The final reward amount will be distributed amongst participants based on their trading volume during the event timeframe.

Bitrue’s Unwavering Support for XRP

Bitrue has been a longstanding supporter of XRP since its inception, being among the first exchanges to offer XRP trading back in 2018, establishing it as a significant trading pair. Bitrue has introduced several XRP-focused features, such as zero-withdrawal fees, XRP collateralized lending, and staking rewards, catering to the XRP community’s needs.

Furthermore, Bitrue contributes to the growth of the XRP ecosystem by operating its own XRP ledger validator and regularly adding new XRP-based tokens while supporting airdrops for the XRP community.

Commitment to User Experience

Bitrue prioritizes user experience and continuously strives to offer diverse trading options and engaging opportunities within the cryptocurrency market. This initiative demonstrates Bitrue’s dedication to fostering a vibrant and dynamic trading environment for its users. During times of turbulence and uncertainty, exchanges such as Bitrue, which remain loyal to assets, serve a crypto function within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Detailed information regarding the event, including registration instructions and the prize distribution structure, can be found on the Bitrue website. Users are encouraged to visit the website and participate in this exciting event.


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