Blockchain TechnologyBitrue expands Bitcoin Runes Offerings with GPTV Listing and Staking Options

Leading digital asset exchange Bitrue continues its community-driven approach with the listing of a new Bitcoin Runes token, GPTV•AI•PEPE•KING (GPTV). This follows the recent addition of several other Bitcoin Runes tokens to the platform, including SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO (SATOSHI)LOBO•THE•WOLF•PUP (LOBO)RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE (RSIC), and DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON (DOG). Trading for the GPTV/USDT pair commenced on April 30th, 2024.

What is GPTV?

GPTV is the native token of AI PEPE KING, a project claiming to be the “largest AI Meme Community” with a presence on both the Polygon (AIPEPE) and Bitcoin Runes (GPTV) blockchains. Notably, AI PEPE KING secured a $10 million investment to develop AI-powered customer service tools leveraging the ChatGPT technology. Additionally, they are building a “Dream Lottery” system. Revenue generated from these products is earmarked for buybacks and burns of both AIPEPE and GPTV tokens, potentially influencing their long-term value.

Staking Opportunities with Attractive Yields

Bitrue is also offering users staking opportunities for those holding BTR, AIPEPE, RSIC, or DOG tokens. By staking their holdings, users can earn rewards in GPTV, with estimated annual percentage yield (APY) varying on the staked token, with BTR offering 22.15%, AIPEPE at 23.18%, RSIC boasting a higher 31.37%, and DOG coming in at 23.62%. These yields present a potentially lucrative opportunity for users to grow their cryptocurrency holdings, but also come with financial risk and the potential for investment to return much lower yields.

Bitrue’s Focus on Community Engagement

The listing of these Bitcoin Runes tokens is a testament to Bitrue’s commitment to its user base. The decision to add these tokens stemmed from a community poll conducted through an X poll on Bitrue’s X account. This highlights the exchange’s dedication to incorporating community feedback into its decision-making process, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared interest.

With the addition of GPTV and the introduction of staking opportunities, Bitrue continues to expand its offerings for users interested in the burgeoning world of Bitcoin Runes tokens. The exchange’s focus on community engagement further strengthens its position as a platform that prioritizes user input and satisfaction.


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