Blockchain TechnologyBitget Unveils Blockchain4Her Ambassador Program Joined By Three Female Leaders

Bitget, the leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, has announced the launch of the Blockchain4Her (B4H) Ambassador Program — a unique project under the Blockchain4Her Initiative, aimed at bolstering inclusiveness in the publicly secure funding opportunities for women. The new program will give aspiring women the chance to act as ambassadors and catalysts for change, encouraging more individuals to join.

Bitget is launching the B4H Ambassador Program based on its findings, which reveal a significant gender gap and limited opportunities for talented women to engage publicly and secure funding. The program seeks to bridge this gap by welcoming exceptional women leaders, who will serve as role models, builders, supporters, and mentors, empowering and elevating a new generation of female talent and leaders through their guidance, assistance, and expertise.

At present, the B4H Ambassador Program has already attracted three prominent female individuals, including Tess Hau, the founder of Tess Ventures, Yevheniia Broshevan, the Co-founder of Hacken, and Cecilia Hsueh, the CEO of the Layer 2 ecosystem project Morph.

The initiative will include a number of special projects and events that aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment by cultivating a network of empowered female leaders and innovators. Bitget’s B4H Ambassador Program will advance the role of women in the Web3 space through a multi-faceted approach, which will include four key initiatives:

Role modeling

The program will spotlight the diverse journeys of its Ambassadors through inspirational stories. This strategy aims to humanize the path to success in various fields, making it more relatable and inspiring for women. It encourages more women to delve into Web3 opportunities and advance by connecting with pioneers in the industry.


Events and meetups will form the second avenue of empowerment, providing a vibrant platform for Ambassadors to showcase their expertise at regional and international gatherings, including conferences and speaking engagements. Regular events will amplify the visibility of key figures in the Web3 industry and expand their professional networks, thus opening more avenues for aspiring women to pursue professional development opportunities.


Ambassadors are pivotal to the B4H Initiative, contributing their expertise, networks, and resources across projects and events. They will support women through consultancy sessions and mentorship programs, creating a supportive environment that nurtures female talent.

Targeted support

Comprehensive support and training are key to advancing blockchain adoption, as Bitget is committed to the continuous development of its Ambassadors, providing them with essential training and support. This also includes opportunities for collaboration with leadership teams and industry professionals, ensuring that the Ambassadors are well-equipped to make significant contributions to the community and their personal growth.

“Women are the most underused resource of the global economy in practically every industry. We, on our part, are determined to promote their involvement in the blockchain space by opening up opportunities for them to join the industry and develop,” as Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, commented on the launch of the B4H Ambassador Program.

The Ambassadors expressed their enthusiasm and high expectations for contributing to the Blockchain4Her initiative:

Tess Hau stated: “As a female VC and actively sought-out speaker in Web3 and gender equality, I find that Blockchain4Her’s mission aligns with Tess Ventures. It’s crucial to support women developers and leaders, ensuring that innovative and creative minds have the resources they need to succeed. As an Ambassador, I advocate for the transformative power of blockchain in promoting financial literacy and inclusion for women. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to Blockchain4Her’s initiative and look forward to the positive change we can create together.”

Yevheniia Broshevan expressed: “While we dream of Web3’s widespread adoption, it’s crucial to understand that achieving this goal is impossible without ensuring equal opportunities and openness for everyone in this space. I am honored to support initiatives that address these disparities, as I believe that projects of this nature propel us towards a world free from barriers and judgments.”

Cecilia Hsueh said: “The male-dominated blockchain industry is now witnessing an increasing number of female leaders. Their presence marks a step forward towards more acceptance and inclusivity. This change not only adds diversity to the sector but also makes the spread of complex blockchain technologies more accessible to the general public.”

Bitget has engaged in various CSR initiatives, notably launching Blockchain 4uth and Blockchain4Her, each backed by a $10 million commitment. The latter focuses on enhancing gender diversity and inclusivity within the blockchain industry.


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