NetworkingBillion-dollar Family Office Announces $20 Million USD Investment in Pioneering Web3 Wellness Venture Live4Well

In a strategic move that underscores a commitment to innovative market strategies, a billion- dollar family office led by Miranda Wong has announced a substantial $20 million USD investment in the promising Web3 wellness initiative, Live4Well. This significant financial endorsement signifies the family office’s vision to capitalize on blue ocean market strategies —untapped new market spaces ripe for innovation. The investment marks a notable milestone in bridging traditional health sectors with the expansive possibilities of the digital landscape, particularly within the realm of Web3.

Leaded by Miranda Wong, the family office boasts a commanding global presence, employing over 40,000 individuals across a vast array of wellness and technology ventures. With a history steeped in sportswear manufacturing, wellness sports brand ownership, and considerable investments in various public companies and ICOs in the wellness niche, the family office’s robust portfolio shines with strategic partnerships. High-profile alliances include industry leaders such as Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, OliveX, Meta HollywoodGiga Space, and the international sportswear group Gym Aesthetics. The family office’s portfolio is a testament to its ability to navigate the capricious waves of market trends, continually adapting and growing through both bear and bull markets.

The Web3 project Live4Well, co-founded by Tayson Chui, aims to utilize blockchain technology to cultivate a decentralized and transparent wellness ecosystem, empowering community-driven growth and innovation. The $20 million USD investment from the family office is set to bolster this vision, synchronizing Live4Well’s cutting-edge approach with the family office’s extensive global operations.

This move is designed to reinforce the existing business framework while simultaneously seeding investments in pivotal, forward-looking sectors such as health and wellness.

Miranda Wong’s vision for the family office’s role in project investment is clear: to identify and explore blue ocean strategies that offer expansive opportunities in untapped markets. By investing in Live4Well, the family office not only continues its legacy of success but also takes a decisive step toward fostering a healthier, more interconnected future. This commitment to innovation and wellness embodies the ambition to make a lasting impact on the lives of current and future generations, solidifying the family office’s position at the forefront of industry evolution.


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