SecurityBanuba SDKs Will Let Companies Fill the Void After a TikTok Ban

On May 17, 2023, Montana governor Greg Gianforte signed the bill banning Chinese social media app in the state, citing concerns over data privacy. This is the first outright restriction on TikTok in the USA. The prohibition has a chance to spread, so savvy companies looking to capitalize on the new opportunities should use tools like Banuba Video Editor SDK to decrease the time-to-market.

Banuba Video Editor SDK is a ready-made video editing suite that can be quickly integrated into a mobile app. It provides a host of TikTok-like features that would be useful for a business looking to deliver impressive short video creating experience:

  • TikTok-like video editing suite
  • Audio editing
  • Royalty-free music provider integration
  • Picture-in-picture mode (duets)
  • AR masks
  • Color filters
  • Transition effects, etc.

Being ready to seize the freed up audience is especially important, as there are also bills in the Senate aiming to ban TikTok. The most notable is the DATA Act introduced by Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. McCaul. The second one was submitted by both Republicans and Democrats, and would let the Secretary of Commerce to “identify, deter, disrupt, prevent, prohibit, investigate, or otherwise mitigate” potential threats.

Montana ban is currently disputed in court. But should the practice spread, the 150 million US users of TikTok will have to find a new platform with a similar experience.

When India prohibited TikTok in 2021, many local startups seized the opportunity and managed to rapidly fill the market gap. Some of the most successful ones include Chingari, Josh, and Mitron.

Chingari did so in part by using Banuba Video Editor SDK – a video editor like TikTok that can be quickly integrated into an app. Such tools have the potential to cut the time-to-market by up to 50%.

Over 100 companies contacted Banuba for Video Editor SDK and AR Face Filters SDK. Some have also asked for special filters with a local feel (e.g. virtual jewelry in the style of a specific culture) in addition to the 24 effects supplied for free to every client.

Banning TikTok will likely cause a similar “gold rush,” as the companies scramble to attract their share of users looking for the same experience as the now-forbidden app used to give. Startups researching how to build an app like TikTok could use a tool like Banuba Video Editor SDK to get an edge over their competitors.

“Cutting down on development time and initial investment is a solid way to expand an app’s audience and mitigate the associated risks,” Marina Ilyushchits, Chief Product Marketing Officer at Banuba said.

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