SecurityArgus Cyber Security Opens New Automotive Penetration Testing Lab in North America

Argus Cyber Security, a world leader in automotive cyber security, today announced the opening of its new penetration testing lab in Detroit, Michigan. This innovative test center enables Argus to meet the growing demand from North American OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for local cyber security penetration testing services.

As today’s vehicles become ever more connected and software-dependent, vehicle manufacturers are taking steps to meet the regional regulation requirements and ensure their products are protected against cyber threats. Penetration testing is a common technique for identifying vulnerabilities in software and hardware throughout the development lifecycle. In this context, US vehicle manufacturers conduct penetration testing to validate and verify that their vehicles and components meet automotive cyber security regulations and standards, such ISO 21434 and UNR 155.

Argus’ new penetration testing lab provides the resources, knowledge and testing infrastructure required to test hardware and software components. These local capabilities will help OEMs and Tier 1s meet tight production timelines and avoid time-consuming and costly logistics. Already up and running, the new lab leverages the proven methods and processes used in Argus’ existing penetration testing labs in EuropeJapan and Korea.

Argus offers a comprehensive and modular automotive penetration testing service comprising several packages, including ECU-Level penetration testing, Vehicle-Level penetration testing, code review and automated fuzz testing packages.

At the component level, the penetration testing service detects and reports vulnerabilities in an ECU’s interfaces, communications channels, and security measures. Argus’ fuzz testing tool enables automated and scalable penetration testing of ECUs and other systems, helping Argus researchers find zero-day vulnerabilities and configuration errors quickly and efficiently.

“To meet the rising need for automotive cyber security solutions among OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, Argus is expanding its service operations in the North American market,” said Yehuda Kaufman, VP of Consulting & Research at Argus. “Our new penetration testing lab in Detroit will make it easier for local companies to take advantage of our extensive cyber security knowledge and top-notch testing capabilities, while also helping them accelerate project timelines.”


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