Artificial IntelligenceArçelik’s developers boosted with advanced capabilities of Open AIGPT Models

Arçelik, one of Europe’s leading home appliances companies, has today announced the launch of the ‘Arçelik Developers’ AI Platform’, a new web application designed to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of its developers in coding by utilizing multiple features through artificial intelligence, such as code generation, error detection, code optimization, and automated testing. Available to developers across the organisation, the platform has been built to integrate seamlessly with OpenAI GPT model, strengthening the security and confidentiality of intellectual property across the global organization through the incredible power of AI.

Arçelik Developers’ AI Platform marks a promising roadmap for the company which boasts a global workforce of 40,000 employees across 12 brands and over 100 countries. In opening up the Platform, Arçelik hopes to revolutionize the way developers work with AI, and how data, security, and operations is handled across the business as the company seeks more efficient, more intelligent and more technologically advanced ways.

Hosted in Arçelik’s dedicated cloud environment, the platform is built to strengthen the security of intellectual property across the organisation. Key features include multi-factor authentication adding an extra layer of protection, GPT 3.5/GPT 4.0 integration to enhance development processes, and analytics usage reports which help developers analyse insights and make data-driven decisions. The program is expected to have positive impacts in productivity, speeding up coding capabilities by 40% as well as the time-to-market for applications by 20%. Additionally, the program is set to see a 30% reduction in support tickets for developers trained or upskilled.

Commenting on the launch, Utku Barış Pazar, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer at Arçelik said: “The launch of the Arçelik Developer Platform is a significant milestone, helping us enhance operations as we advance Arçelik’s digital transformation journey. The platform has rich potential, with many use cases in departments across the business and we’re excited for the innovations and creativity this will help us unlock.”

While the first iteration of the platform is aimed at Arçelik’s developer community, the organisation is also investing in upskilling its global workforce through its AI champions, comprised of its dealers and employees in other departments such as HR, marketing and product design, and providing targeted training content.

Creating value by employing cutting-edge AI solutions is an essential aspect of Arçelik’s overarching AI strategy. The new platform will be the first of many other AI platforms across Arçelik in various domains such as supply chain, manufacturing, and product portfolio, from product testing to intelligent consumer solutions. Impactful artificial intelligence integration is part of Arçelik’s wider AI vision.


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