CloudAmazon Web Services and LIBNOVA team up on a €4.8M digital preservation research project

All the research information produced at the European and worldwide level is at risk of being lost if not preserved. Research results must be safeguarded for the future, and that is precisely what digital preservation ensures. Preserving millions of documents that have been the basis for a huge amount of research requires having the most advanced technological instruments.

The LIBNOVA-led Consortium has been selected to build a prototype for the CERN-led ARCHIVER Project, which aims to provide cost-effective, end-to-end preservation and archiving services for data generated in the Petabyte range with high ingest rates and sustained in the context of scientific research projects.

LIBNOVA, a world leader in Digital Preservation Solutions, will use LABDRIVE, an innovative digital archiving and preservation solution being develop for the ARCHIVER Project, to empower research organizations to preserve their content more easily and efficiently and to manage their collections of scientific data from several Petabytes.

LABDRIVE is based on LIBSAFE technology, the most advanced digital preservation platform, a simple platform that guarantees the archiving of digital collections for the long term, using techniques such as the evolution of formats and the combination of more than 50 techniques and processes that guarantee immediate consultation now or in 20 years.

AWS and the LIBNOVA Consortium are working together to ensure the scalability that next-generation digital preservation solutions require.


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