NetworkingAirties Launches Orbit: Continuous Test Automation Platform for Managed Wi-Fi Deployments

Airties, a global leader of managed Wi-Fi solutions for broadband service providers, today announced the commercial launch of Orbit, a continuous test automation platform for broadband service providers, customer premises equipment (CPE) manufacturers, and system-on-chip (SoC) manufacturers to support Smart Wi-Fi integrations and deployments.

Airties Orbit addresses a longstanding industry pain point: ensuring consistent data accuracy and performance measurement criteria across diverse combinations of Wi-Fi chipsets, embedded software, and hardware (i.e. gateways/routers/extenders). With Orbit, broadband operators, and their suppliers, can continuously validate data tested during software changes and firmware updates; addresses common Wi-Fi performance issues; and accelerate time-to-market for managed Wi-Fi deployments through self-certification.

Traditionally, integrated testing of Wi-Fi software has been a manual, time-consuming process challenged by inconsistencies in test procedures, device and software functionality, and dissimilar test environments. These variabilities often lead to inaccuracies or misinterpretations. Resolving these issues involves complex multi-party troubleshooting efforts which can lead to product launch delays and added deployment costs. Airties Orbit addresses these challenges by providing a complete and automated testing platform installed on-premises at testing facilities of broadband service providers, CPE manufactures and SoC providers.

“Service providers need an efficient way to manage the variability of broadband software to ensure consistent quality home Wi-Fi, test the impact of software updates, and launch new products,” said Metin Taskin, Founder and Co-CEO of Airties. “Airties Orbit removes the complexity and inconsistencies of traditional testing methods, allowing operators, OEMs and SoC manufacturers to verify performance with confidence and speed. Orbit ensures the accuracy and completeness of data across tests, streamlines device onboarding, and improves efficiency through automation. This translates to faster time-to-market, reduced costs, and ultimately, a better Wi-Fi experience for everyone involved.”

With the launch of Orbit, Airties continues its commitment to solve critical challenges facing the ecosystem of broadband customers, partners, and suppliers. Airties Orbit is currently being deployed by leading broadband service providers, CPE manufacturers, and chipset suppliers around the globe.

Key benefits of Airties Orbit include:

  • Accelerated time-to-market: Airties Orbit eliminates weeks from the data verification process, significantly reducing the time-to-market to deploy new chipsets, software releases, and broadband CPE.
  • Self-certification for increased control and autonomy: Airties Orbit’s self-certification capability provides the flexibility to run data verification independently at one’s own pace and convenience. It also eliminates the time and travel expenses required to use third-party lab facilities.
  • Improved data quality and validation: Airties Orbit’s software rigorously checks the accuracy and completeness of data acquired from the embedded software ecosystem, reducing potential misinterpretations or errors. It provides testing of Wi-Fi software from chipset suppliers; components such as Wi-Fi EasyMesh™; CPE firmware including those running atop open-source solutions such as RDK and prpl; and updates to Airties’ SDKs.
  • Resource efficiency and reduced costs: Automated testing with predefined test plans eliminates the need for manual intervention, significantly reducing labor costs and test execution time. Engineers can be re-directed from manual testing to higher-value activities, maximizing team efficiency and resource allocation.
  • Enhanced collaboration and rapid issue resolution: Airties Orbit rapidly replicates and helps resolve issues identified during data verification, preventing them from impacting real-world deployments. Early identification and resolution of issues leads to higher Wi-Fi performance quality and enhanced collaboration between partners and suppliers.
  • Continuous updates in a controlled environment: With software running on specialized equipment, Airties Orbit guarantees consistent and repeatable testing conditions, ensuring reliable data collection. As part of the software license, it includes an extensive library of test scripts for which Airties will provide ongoing updates, enabling companies to test newly developed Wi-Fi innovations.

Airties Orbit is now an integral part of Airties’ Wi-Fi software testing services for broadband service providers (see video here). Airties also provides access to multi-floor test homes that include custom robots, called AirBots, which run throughout homes to test devices and application performance in real-world environments. Customers can run hundreds of fully automated Wi-Fi tests including basic system testing, performance testing, functional tests, and interoperability tests. Tests can be tailored to specific needs or follow generic plans to test for throughput, stability, new OS performance, and more. Airties Wi-Fi software testing helps address ecosystem complexity, anticipate future demands, and delivers fast and cost-effective Wi-Fi software validation.

Airties has been recognized with many prestigious industry awards for its innovative work serving broadband operators, including: “Best Home Wi-Fi Solution Award” from Broadband World Forum“Best Wi-Fi Service Provider Solution” and “Best Home Wi-Fi Product” awards from Wi-Fi NOW; “Best Wi-Fi Innovation” and “Best-In Home Wi-Fi Network” awards from Wireless Broadband Alliance“Best Broadband Customer Experience” from Cable & Satellite International; and many others. Additional information about Airties can be found at:


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