Artificial IntelligenceAI-Powered Litterbox System Offers New Standard of Care for Cat Owners

Nestlé Purina Petcare is launching the Petivity™ Smart Litterbox System, consisting of a smartphone app and litterbox monitor that captures and transforms behavioral data into actionable insights that help owners proactively care for their cat. The smart monitor helps owners provide a new standard of care for their cats by using artificial intelligence to learn each cat’s unique litterbox patterns and identify subtle but meaningful changes in weight, frequency, waste type and elimination schedule.

“The Petivity Smart Litterbox System allows cat owners to get personalized insights to their cat’s litterbox usage,” said Dr. Avi Shaprut, DVM, Purina veterinarian. “While the device is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure any conditions, it can help detect changes that can be early signs of health conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, urinary tract infections and obesity, allowing cat owners to proactively seek out veterinary care earlier and unlock better outcomes.”

How It Works

Using artificial intelligence developed by a team of Purina pet and data experts, the Petivity Smart Litterbox System detects meaningful changes that indicate health conditions that may require a veterinarian’s attention or diagnosis. The monitor, which users are instructed to place under each litterbox in the household, gathers precise data on each cat’s weight and important litterbox habits to help owners be proactive about their pet’s health.

When a change requires an owner’s attention, the system automatically alerts the owner through the Petivity smartphone app, available on iPhone and Android devices.

Who Can Use the Petivity Smart Litterbox System

Any cat owner can benefit from using the Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor System in their home, especially those concerned about their cat’s health or who wish to be proactive about their cat’s overall care and well-being. The system may also be helpful to owners who are monitoring cats with already diagnosed conditions and owners monitoring their cats’ weight loss or gain as part of a weight management program.

“The Petivity Litterbox System can be used in households with up to three cats, and with most standard litter and litterbox sizes,” said Dr. Shaprut. “In addition to receiving alerts on the Petivity app, cat owners also receive frequent insight reports through email alerts for each Petivity Smart Litterbox System in the home with explanations and tips for managing their cat’s well-being.”

With the Petivity Smart Litterbox System, cat lovers can play a proactive role in the lifelong health of their pet through smarter care, keeping people and pets together longer.

The Petivity Smart Litterbox System is now available for purchase at for $199.99. For more information visit


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