Artificial IntelligenceAEWIN Presents Performant Hardware Solution with the Best TCO for AI-Powered Cybersecurity

AEWIN Technologies Co., Ltd (doing business as AEWIN) will present performant hardware solution with the best TCO for AI-powered cybersecurity at RSA Conference 2024 from May 6th to May 9th. You will find versatile edge computing servers, performant network appliances, and industrial PCs at AEWIN booth. They are able to bring AI to enhance cybersecurity by providing advanced threat detection, automatic reactions, predictive capability, and evolvable adaptability against cyber-attacks.

Targeted markets include IT and OT security. AEWIN designs a variety of high-performance edge computing systems powered by the latest server-grade CPU from Intel (Emerald Rapids-SP) or AMD (Bergamo) for IT security. Featuring high computing power and extraordinary scalability for installing high throughput network interface cards, crypto acceleration cards, and accelerators such as GPU/DPU/FPGA, these solutions are perfect for handling the fast-evolving cyber threats and providing valuable prediction and automated reaction to secure the cybersecurity.

As for OT security, compact size is crucial for edge devices as they have to be deployed at various kinds of edge where the data is generated. AEWIN offers diverse network appliances to tailor required workloads and industrial PCs to be deployed in rough environments such as factories. These hardware solutions bring AI to the edge for efficient inference which are suitable for ensuring the security of smart city, smart manufacturing, etc.

With AI, cybersecurity has been revolutionized. AI-powered cybersecurity solutions provide effective and adaptive defenses against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats to minimize security risk with lower OPEX and better TCO with outstanding efficiency.


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