Networking5.5G Intelligent Core Network: Embracing a New Future for Intelligent Communications

On the first day of MWC Barcelona 2024 held recently, Leo Ma, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, delivered a compelling keynote speech at the 5.5G Core Summit. In his speech. In his speech, Leo elaborated on the extraordinary advancement of the 5.5G intelligent core network and its far-reaching influence on future communications technologies, and further emphasized the key role of service, network, and O&M intelligence in advancing the communications industry. Leo stated that “the 5.5G intelligent core network incorporates service, network, and O&M intelligence. It helps operators to cope with the changes in users, services, communications models, and networks, and also helps them rebuild the service entry, redefine business models, and reshape cloud-based O&M approaches.”

Service Intelligence Rebuilds the Service Entry for Operators

With the development of intelligence technologies and the introduction of more XR devices, single-modal communications have evolved to multi-modal communications. New Calling, pioneered by service intelligence, has been deployed in 31 provinces of China after only being launched last year, and currently serves up to 50 million users. Along its deployment, multiple innovative services have been put into commercial use, such as visualized voice calling, real-time translation, and fun calling. These services can provide users with multi-modal data exchanges, including speech-to-text, speech-to-image, and gesture-to-animation conversions. Besides these novel experiences, service intelligence also helps operators rebuild the service entry, transforming voice-only operations into content operations and transitioning voice and video calling into multi-modal communications to support immersive XR applications. Huawei is continuing its rapid innovation drive with the launch of voice driven avatars, enabling users to customize their own avatars based on rendering in real time. In the soon future, enterprises can also customize virtual brand ambassadors for promoting their brands.

Network Intelligence Redefines Business Models

There are three technical gaps that impede operators from achieving experience monetization on MBB networks: service experience cannot be assessed, services cannot be dynamically optimized, and the operations are not closed-loop. To bridge the aforementioned gaps, Huawei proposed the Assessment, Optimization, and Monetization (A.O.M) concept and implemented the concept through the Intelligent Personalized Experience (IPE) solution. Assessment: Service experiences can be assessed in real time, which is the basis of experience monetization. Optimization: Service experiences can be dynamically optimized, helping to maximize network efficiency. Monetization: After a guarantee is completed, an experience report is immediately sent to the user, so that they can readily identify the guarantee effects. The network intelligence currently empowered by the A.O.M concept helps operators achieve differentiated experience monetization. This is not purely a technology innovation, it is more of a comprehensive upgrade of operators’ business concepts and patterns as well as a reshaping of business models.

O&M Intelligence Reshapes Cloud-based O&M Approaches

O&M intelligence becomes the key to efficient telecom network operation, driving the evolution from automatic deployment to end-to-end automatic delivery, and then to rule-driven and large model-based O&M. The Digital Assistant & Digital Expert (DAE) draws on such an innovative and intelligent O&M approach. Enabling a visualized topology on the GUI and harnessing its strengths in a multi-modal large model, the DAE dives into core O&M workflows. Take monitoring and troubleshooting network problems, such as link, cloud resource, or license faults, as an example. After the digital assistant detect faults, the digital expert can analyze these faults. In the future, troubleshooting is expected to be further automated. At an FOA site (for POC) for an operator in China, the DAE helps close 80% of trouble tickets, saving 750 person-days per month.

The launch of the 5.5G intelligent core network marks not only a leap in technical capabilities, but also a big step for the entire communications industry in shifting towards intelligent, efficient, and personalized services. As the 5.5G core network develops and extends to more scenarios, it will empower the communications network to be more intelligent, reliable, and efficient, bringing brand-new communications experiences to users, and opening up new business models and growth opportunities for operators.


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