Data Management Platform3Forge Wins Best Sell-Side Analytics

AMI’s Performance Platform Awarded #1 by Waters 2020 Sell-Side Technology Committee for the Second Year in a Row

NEW YORKJune 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 3Forge today announced its AMI Performance Platform was named the winner in the ‘Best Sell-Side Analytics Product’ category at the Waters Sell-Side Technology Awards 2020.

“Powerful analytics are the key to a competitive edge in this data driven ecosystem, so we’re elated that Waters has recognized our leadership in this space. Our customers, which include three top investment banks, depend on the most sophisticated quants and data scientists in the world. They, in turn, depend on 3Forge technology for fast, precise and exotic data analytics,” said 3Forge founder and CTO Robert Cooke.

With AMI’s predictive analytics combined with advanced visualization techniques, the platform enables 3Forge clients to gain deeper insight into data trends and discover hidden opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere.

AMI, the only platform offering users real-time Big Data access to complex information across disparate systems on a unified, web-based dashboard. Companies have substantially reduced development time and costs by leveraging this powerful, feature-rich platform. It leverages an organization’s existing data infrastructure, connects disparate data at will to quickly build visualizations in real-time.


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